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Hi !!

I'm Daichi Morita, acoustic guitarist, and this is my homepage.


I was born in KYOTO,JAPAN, and grew up there.


I started my music career by playing the piano (when I was 6 yaers old.)


When I was highshool student , I bought my first guitar and I was soon fascinated by this wonderful instrumental.


And then, I met Fingerpicking Style guitar when I was 20 years old.

That includes Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, Irish music.
I tried to play  all the type of music,

as the same time, 

I started to write my original music of guitar.


Through playing the guitar, I met a lot of wonderful people, and they grew up me, and support me all the time.

So, when I play the guitar, I always feel  precious gratitude to my listener.


Thank you for your visit to this Homepage.

You can look several guitar movie. (Please click 'Movie' Tag right side.)


many thanks.


Daichi Morita.


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